Multi-functional Microwave Vacuum Equipment (SDD)

The multi-functional microwave vacuum equipment can be
accelerated vacuum extraction, vacuum concentration, vacuum
drying and vacuum freeze-dried samples. The equipment is
assembled a microwave device, vacuum system, cooling water
condenser and a freezing condenser system. The temperature
sensor, vacuum gauge, and auto-control system can be
attached the equipment to record sample temperature and
vacuum pressure during vacuum microwave heating process.
The sample also can be extracted by the microwave vacuum
equipment at low temperature condition, avoiding the side-effect
of high temperture extracting. In addition,
samples or pre-frozen samples can be dried in
the microwave vacuum equipment to decrease
boiling point of sample or to control vacuum pressure
under triple point of water, then microwave can quickly
provide latent heat of water evaporation or ice
sublimation. The water vapor is then condensed to ice
for maintaining the vacuum system. Therefore, the
multi-functional microwave vacuum equipment can
significantly reduce conventional heating temperature
and operation time for extraction, concentration,
vacuum drying and freeze-drying processes.